I want to revisit The Work/Life Balance post for just a quick minute, because the more I think about it, the more my thoughts on “same, but different mom struggles” are reinforced. By that I mean, that NO MATTER what your particular motherhood looks like (i.e. no matter what your work status), being a mom is hard. We all struggle.  There is no ideal scenario when you are in the motherhood, although I would venture to guess that “the grass is always greener” theory was rooted in the Stay at Home vs. Work outside of the home Mom debate. I think that very many of us look at others and assume they have it good or easier or that we would be happier doing what they do. Whether you work in the motherhood 24/7 or you work a second job outside of the home, there are always challenges. What one struggles with as a SAHM may not always be exactly what one struggles with as a Working Mom (and vice versa), but the effects of the struggle are all the same. It isn’t easy. And it can make us all want to consume mass quantities of wine. (Or margaritas. Or mojitos. Or Beer. Or cups of NyQuil. – choose your medicine.)

We’re all on the same team.

(Is it bad that I want to cheer “Don’t let the kids win! Beat the kids!” now?)