Remember when Saturday morning meant kids in PJs watching cartoons from blanket forts in your living room?

Those days are long gone.

This morning’s cozi family calendar included a 15k*, 2 of the little birds at the Dojo, and the third at the cheer gym for a tumbling workshop. – Which meant packing lunch at 9 a.m. on Saturday, multiple water bottles, coordinating dropping off/picking up of carpool, uniforms and gear, tight schedules, no time for traffic jams (which of course, there were) – all while trying to fit in weekend school assignments… Sound familiar?


I miss the blanket forts and lazy Saturday mornings in PJs where I could drink at least half of my cup of coffee before it got cold. I want cinnamon rolls fresh and warm out of the oven. I want my kids going from blanket forts in the living room to forts in the woods. This is what Saturday should be in my mind.

For years I have struggled with what has become the “normal” activity level for young families in today’s society. It sort of frustrates me. I think, often times, that we’re over doing it and really losing sight of “the family”.  Once not too many years ago, I put my foot down and said NO! “We’re taking the Spring season OFF! We’re going to do our homework and go outside and play like normal kids! We’re going to have our weekends as a family. We’re going to reintroduce our boat to the water!” – So. We didn’t sign up for ANY activities. (Aside from Wednesday night church.) And guess what? My kids were bored out of their minds. Want to know why? Because there was no one around with whom they could run and play. The neighborhood was like a ghost town. All their friends were too busy with their multiple activities and weren’t home to play.


Needless to say, we promptly signed up for summer and fall sports and went back to the stress-filled run, run, run calendar schedule…. Much to my dismay.

I’m working on a more detailed post about my personal struggle with this topic, but for now I’ll just leave this “The New Saturday” image with you as a teaser…

Me.. as I walk back in the house from our "New" Saturday morning routine. Holding a half eaten sandwich, my daughter's glasses (not in their case), my son's glasses (in the case), my son's book that he needed to be reading for a book report, 2 pairs of hand pads, my suitcase-sized purse, a water for hydration and (thank goodness) a cup of joe to keep me going.

* My wonderful-and-pretty-incredible husband, not me. I’m sidelined with an injury.