In other words: Spring Break.

Today is the first day the kids are back in school after a 10 day long Spring break. Brace yourselves for the next sentence.

I was NOT ready for them to go back.

I know. That’s sick, right?

Every mom – especially one who is attempting to maintain a sense of self in the midst of motherhood – should be jumping for joy at the sight of that big yellow bus coming to pick them up, right?

Not so for me this time. —  I’m as shocked as you are.

As you can tell from the lack of blogging in the last two weeks, I got totally lost in the motherhood (family), and here’s the thing..I loved it. Really loved it.

Actually our break from the regular routine began a little early, as my kids’ wonderful Grandmother came in town to visit the Wednesday prior to Spring Break beginning. So we’ve had almost two weeks of solid fun. Which also meant two weeks of blog-free living for me. WOW.. talk about a worth-while break from blogging! {Soon there will be a real blog to follow this one that delves more into the incredible things we experienced in the last two weeks…}

That’s just part of the balance we seek in our motherhood, I suppose. When to turn off the world and go all-in to the motherhood.. and when to come back out and find a little of myself  again. Today I get back to doing a few things for just me. If there is one thing I have learned so far in my search for that balance is that I should NEVER feel guilty for stopping every now and then and feeding my soul. Whether it be prayer time or expanding my mind or just plain fun me time.  It’s good for me and in turn, makes me a better mom. So, today, I’m taking MY OWN Spring Break – that has nothing to do with my motherhood.

I’m headed out to meet my sister for a day at the beach.  (And counting my blessings that I’m able to do so.)

Then tonight I’ll be loving mom with lots more patience and energy.