This blog from AlphaMom is so good it brought me back from the abyss of neglecting my poor lonely blog. This blog “23 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity While Living With Children” is a must read!

For example: “Embrace the Toys ‘R Us/ frat house-chic decor.” Yup.

She has great tips.  I gave up on matching socks years ago. Everyone’s socks go in one laundry basket and it stays behind the sofa. They have to go there for socks. All I ask is that they please try to grab two that are actually theirs, rather than say, mine, so that when I get to the sock basket for my own all that is left is not teeny tiny girls’ socks. (You can go up in sock sizes and be ok, but one really can’t go down in sock size.)

This writer is brilliant, because I never would have thought about planning to purposely pee on my kids’ future bathroom floors as payback. I will laugh at that thought the next time I walk into the kids’ bathroom and smell it. But probably not the second time I go there, because by then I will have forgotten and inevitably get back to yelling.

#12 is priceless, and I have already learned that this is the best weapon against the teen/pre-teen years. And I tell my kids such. If they’re going to be hormonal little monsters that are rude and hateful to me, I will turn the embarrassment volume to level 10. Their choice on how loud my presence will be in front of their friends.  Luckily, I haven’t had to pull out the big guns and get out of the car in pjs, fuzzy slippers with rollers in my hair when picking them up yet. But they have forced me to sing and dance in front of their friends.  Multiple times. One would think they would learn, but nope.

#s 19, 20, and 22 made me actually laugh out loud!

And all I can say to #23 is Amen.

Enjoy ….

The Family Sock Basket