(title credit goes to my Mom)

Today, (which happened to be March 15th) tomorrow, and Saturday were planned “MORE” days for me. With the exception of the crazy Thursday afternoon routine that includes Student Council, NJHS meeting, horseback riding, and tutoring, Thursdays are usually my favorite day.  My favorite morning would probably be a more accurate way to put it.  It’s my designated Yo-God (Yoga with a Christian focus) day.  For me, it’s like getting a stress releasing work-out, a tension relieving massage, and an hour of spiritual healing all in one. I love it.

But Yo-God was just going to be the tip of the iceberg this morning. My wonderful-and-pretty-incredible husband* had his big busy work week full of User Group Meetings and hosting client dinners this week. They stay at a gorgeous ocean side resort for three days when this is happening.. sounds divine to me, but in reality I know it’s still just work for him. This year he invited me to come out for the day, have lunch with him then enjoy the spa or the beach while he’s in meetings. Well YEAH! I’d say that lunch with him, a massage and some beach time would go a long way in making me more than just mom. So, I had planned to go straight from Yo-God to meet him at the resort.

As if that wasn’t good enough, I have tickets to see an Off-Broadway show (and a plan to juggle the three kids while he’s at a working dinner) Friday night with my girlfriends from my neighborhood! To be followed by some volunteer training that I’ve really been looking forward to on Saturday! Three days of MORES just for me!!

You moms know what is coming next, don’t you? I mean, that’s just too good to be true. Obviously.

My son, The Owl, started that asthmatic cough on Wednesday – the one that usually means I’ll be giving him breathing treatments q4hrs within a matter of a couple of days, so I just went ahead and started it.

My middle child, The Pelican, seems to be having some sort of reaction to the earrings she has the new-found freedom to accessorize with.. and her ears are slightly infected. (responding to Neosporin, but she can’t wear earrings. Can the holes still close in 3 months after being pierced? Because I’m not doing that crap again.)

My youngest daughter, The Starling, was home Monday with a tiny low-grade fever, but that’s about all.. not nearly enough to slow her down, so she went back to school on Tuesday. By Wednesday night she couldn’t breathe because of head congestion. And this morning she woke with a spot on her face that – best I tried – I could NOT ignore.

I took this photo of it:

… and sent it to my mom. Because that’s what I do when I’m in a panic – “Mom, PLEASE tell me I’m wrong and this is just a bug bite?!”  — My mom agreed that it was suspicious. Determined to keep asking people until someone told me she was fine to go to school, I called the school early and sent the picture to the school nurse.  I don’t know what I expected her to say, but she said, “Yes that really does look like Chicken Pox. Don’t send her to school. Take her to the doctor.”

With the calendar items and thoughts of how many days of school my child has already missed this year running through my head, I call the office of our Pediatrician. 2 hours of waiting for a return phone call, results in a second call from me to them. The Pediatrician can’t get her in until the afternoon.. which, as we have already discussed, is quite full with other stuff.  So we end up at an urgent care facility, because I don’t have enough patience to “wait” to find out what I’m dealing with.

So it’s the Ides of March and I can’t help think that my kids might be conspiring to kill the “just me” part of me and keep only the motherhood part.  “DEATH TO YOUR FUN, MOM! You’re our slave! How DARE you attempt to get a life?!”  I’m only kidding, of course.  But really, all that beautiful planning to do fun things for myself — all up in the air or gone by the wayside already. It makes me a little** disappointed and sad.

Yes. It’s a selfish thought process; I realize this. But I’ve given myself fully over to these little birds for the first 11 years of my motherhood, so finally finding a tiny bit of selfishness is Ok, right?


Remember the 6th sense Superpower (that I’m convinced was given to them in the disgusting prenatal vitamins) they have of knowing when you’re on the phone or in the bathroom? Turns out that isn’t the only Superpower my kids have.

My kids also have Super-human powers like being able to break through ANY immunity or vaccine you can give them! You name it, my kids are going to catch it.** – I think I actually posted earlier on in my blog where I questioned the importance of these vaccines.. I just thought I was being funny at the time, but apparently I knew more than I realized.


Speaking of questioning the validity of health care.. back at the urgent care stop (that was in lieu of a beach side lunch date with my wonderful-and-pretty-incredible husband), my confidence was shaken a tad bit when I had to explain to the first practitioner that it was indeed possible for kids to “break through” the varicella vaccine and still get a mild case of Chicken Pox. Further doubts settled in when he reacted to my sharing of this information with a surprised face and asked if I minded that he step out to “do some research on this.” – I could hear the conversations through the closed door. Yes, it’s possible. When the door opened again, it was a different practitioner. Second opinion, I guess. And her surprised face was because indeed, “it looks like Chicken Pox!” with 100% certainty. Yet what followed brought me feeling like we were somewhere down around 60% sure. The second doctor then said, “But follow up with your Primary on Monday morning, because I don’t want to be responsible for her  missing that much school.” Well, if she has the chicken pox, she needs to miss that much school.

We left the urgent care office with a shaky diagnosis of… “Chicken Pox, but follow-up with your Primary Pediatrician.”

I called our regular pediatrician’s office back and promptly made an appointment for as early as they had available on Friday morning, rather than Monday morning. – Did I mention that I have tickets to see a show with my girlfriends on Friday night? –

Here’s the kicker.  At 3:45 my phone rings and it’s the pediatricians office.. returning my phone call from 8:15 this morning. Seriously? It’s way past time to fire my pediatrician’s office.

While on the phone with him, there is a heated conversation about why I went to urgent care instead of his office. (Um, hello, dude it took you 7.5 hours to call me back and I already have a diagnosis AND a follow-up appointment scheduled!) He proceeds to tell me that if I could come in then, he would like to see her, because “there’s NO WAY that she has Chicken Pox!”

Are ya freaking kidding me? I’ve already followed up with the school nurse. Who in turn has already sent out a “Chicken Pox letter” on School letterhead to all parents informing them that their kids have been exposed to Chicken Pox. Does he know how humbling (read humiliating) it is to be the source of a [potential] viral disease running though the school?! Well, I’ll tell you this. Until I have an unequivocal answer about exactly what the heck is going on, I’m not talking to the school nurse again!

The events that took place during and surrounding our second trip to a doctor’s office today are just too overwhelming to delve into, and I – quite frankly – am too exhausted to do so tonight. They did, however ALSO include over-hearing conversations between doctors and nurses through closed doors. Don’t they know we can hear them?! But anyway, tomorrow is another day. And of only one thing am I certain: it will include some sort of interaction with doctors. Because I still don’t know exactly what we are dealing with. AND I don’t know who our next pediatrician will be.. but there will be a next. And soon.

So no, there weren’t any beach side lunch dates, massages, or toes in the sand today. Instead, multiple doctors’ offices, lots of copays and frustration. And still no clear cut answers. There are going to be times when we bang our heads against the wall, and no matter how hard we try, our best laid plans will have to be let go.

It’s all going to be fine, though; that’s just part of this motherhood thing. Some days we have to give ourselves over to it.. and that’s really OK.

Plus my little Starling’s cheeks are the MOST kissable cheeks in the whole world. Today she had one that was totally void of mysterious spots.. clear for the kissing. And there was plenty of time for such things during the many hours we spent cuddling in doctor’s office waiting and exam rooms.

You know, at the end of this day, I can’t help think about the topics from my string of posts lately (including one that I have yet to post, but will soon) and though I did not intend for them to add up to anything.. they seem to. There’s been a lot of questioning of the hurried pace. Juggling. A lot of searching for balance. And derailing of plans that I’ve made.

I think SOMEBODY  may just be trying to give me a heads up on something…

Ides of March, y’all.

*Yes, I do believe that if I put the compliments before his name I can then say anything I want to say about him and it becomes all very loving.

** Fine. More than a little. A lot, really.

*** For instance? The Owl (my oldest) got the Chicken Pox when he was 8, despite having had the vaccine.