Yesterday was one of those challenging days in the motherhood, as you may have gathered by my late night post. BUT thanks to my go-to motherhood survival tools, the day did NOT beat me, and I woke up feeling positive &  ready to roll today.  Even after a 2 a.m. bedtime and a wake up at 6:30 a.m.

My survival tools?

(1) Prayer (thanks for the reminder Kelli M)

(2) Sarcasm and humor (lightens the frustration in an instant)

(3) Venting and friend support (thanks Mom, Molly, Julie B and Carva) and ..

(4) Surprisingly this one isn’t WINE! My newest addition, (which kept me from needing a glass of wine) this blog/FB page. I found yesterday that writing (journaling, really) as I went through the day allowed me to look at the day’s events in black and white, laugh, and gain perspective while in the moment.

Pretty cool.

Thanks for being free therapy, M.O.M.s!

What are your go-to Motherhood survival tools? Share the wealth!