This Tab/Page is on my blog because my husband can’t remember how old he is, much less what SAHM stands for. (Come to think of it, it’s kind of amazing that our household functions at all, seeing as neither of us can remember things. Luckily, he remembers ALL of the minor things I forget, and I remember the big events and dates that he forgets. Two brains truly become one in marriage.)
Anyway, he asked for a quick reference to help define all the shortcut words and pseudonyms I use on the blog. Plus, he keeps making up new phrases for WAPI. For example? His definition of WAPI = Witty Appreciative Perfectly-sculpted Intelligent husband.  I can’t have him going too far overboard with this, so I’m making it easy for him to find the real meanings of the terms I use.And yes, this means that SAHM will be defined on this glossary page. I am not trying to insult the intelligence of any of you M-O-Ms out there. It’s for the D-A-Ds.

THE CHARACTERS (aka: My Husband and 3 Little Birds – kids)

  1. WAPI – my Wonderful-And-Pretty-Incredible husband.  Maybe this should be WPIH, but my brain really likes the “Ands” – in case you haven’t noticed in my writing.
  2. The Owl – Our oldest (and only) son. Also my book-worm. Born in 1999.
  3. The Pelican – Middle child and oldest girl. Also the sweet little Mom. Born in 2002.
  4. The Starling– Gotta love the baby girl. The world is her stage. Born in 2003.

My Favorite Words (Other than “Sh*t”) and General M-O-M Lingo

  1. SAHM – Stay At Home Mom. Or, as an article on called us, the Lululemon Moms. You know, we wear yoga pants or running shorts every where we go, even though we have not (usually) worked out. But if we find the time between volunteering at schools, etc. at least we’ll be ready. I refer to this as the world without grown ups.
  2. WM – Working Mom. Yes, Hilary Rosen, ALL MOMS WORK, but here I’m referring to the moms who get up at 5 am and put on professional attire and go to an office with other adults, have intelligent conversation that doesn’t usually include words like “potty”, then rush to make it to the daycare on time and come home to their second full-time job.
  3. WAHM – Work At Home Mom. Now..THESE ladies.. wowzas. They have a serious juggling act. It sounds so great to those of us who haven’t done it (I used to be one of these).. the best of both worlds, right? Well, yes and no. They do have flexibility that a WM may not have: they may be able to get some laundry done during the day between phone calls. And they do get the satisfaction of getting paid to use their brain, unlike the SAHM. BUT the challenge for the WAHM? Never getting to turn off the laundry (personal life) and focus on work. And never being able to ignore work when at home. Living where you work and working where you live is a scenario that has its own special set of challenges.
  4. SAHD – Stay At Home Dad. I know more and more Dads that are staying at home now, and I think it is wonderful! I would imagine, though that they have a unique set of challenges in addition to the struggles of a SAHM . There is a growing blogging community of SAHDs, and I think we need to support the efforts to create a community specific to their extra challenges!
  5. “There’s Been Some Damage Girls” or TBSDGs –  this is my crew of gals.. the ones who have read all of my stories and sent me theirs. You know the stories I’m talking about. The ones you NEVER could have imagined experiencing (Much less actually telling another human being) before becoming a parent. They’re the ones with whom I have shared our collective motherhoods: vented until we laughed, laughed until we cried and always – no matter how bad the “thing” – ALWAYS supported and encouraged. They’re the reason I had the guts to start this blog, and I love them.
  6. “The MORES” –  The goals that I attempt to have which are completely outside of my motherhood. Those things that keep me in touch with the world outside of my house and kids and taxi-schedule. The things that make me MORE well-rounded. The things that make my brain think MORE than the repetitive/mundane tasks of motherhood. The things that I do that teach my kids (by example) about how to find balance in their life. And hopefully, sometimes, the things that make my family proud that I belong to them. The things that make me MORE than just Mom. Therefore, making me a BETTER wife and mom.